ATI’s Environmental Health and Safety & Industrial Hygiene (EHS & IH) Division consults with federal, state and commercial clients including the Department of Energy, Department of Treasury, Department of State (Overseas Bldg. Operations), Aberdeen Proving Grounds and Towson University.  Our mission is to respond to our client’s environmental and hazardous materials concerns by conducting investigations and testing to determine the protocol and remediation measures that will resolve and maintain safe work environments for the building occupants.

Division staff includes: Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, and Registered Sanitarians. In addition to inspecting and testing, ATI represents the client as a third-party consultant providing oversight during remediation of hazardous materials ensuring a regulatory compliant and safe environment for the building owner.

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  • Environmental Health & Safety Consulting
  • Site Characterization & Risk Assessment
  • Asbestos Inspection Surveys, remediation oversight and clearance testing
  • Lead Paint Risk Assessment and Inspections (XRF), Dust Sampling
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations and Testing for hazardous contaminants and proactive maintenance of building air quality
  • Department of State – Overseas Building Operations
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Treasury
  • Department of Interior
  • National Archives and Records Administration
  • Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  • Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Towson University
  • White House Service Center
  • Contact : Joyce Hix
  • Phone : 202.558.7486
  • Location : Lanham, MD