1973Founding of Colimore Architects, an ATI subsidiary since 2017;

1980ATI founded as Architectural Technologies, an A/E design firm;

2001Re-incorporated as ATI, Inc. after death of original founder;

2004ATI, then a 4-person A/E design firm, acquired by current owner;

2005 – Open new business line: Construction Management Services;

2006 – Open new business line: Environmental Services;

2011Acquired ArchiSec, Inc., a security design firm Certified as an SBA 8(a) firm;

2015 – New business line added: Facility Management Services;

2017Acquired Colimore Architects to expand architectural division, Opened new business line: Construction Services; and

2020 – Graduated from SBA 8(a) program as a 100+ employee small business.



Always be a company that people want to work for, clients want to hire, and competitors want to emulate through our commitment to ethical practices, worker safety, and excellence.


ATI strives to achieve success for our employees, clients and communities through the use of innovative ideas, practices and technologies.


Health and safety (H&S) is extremely important to ATI.  ATI places the highest priority on the safety of employees and subcontractors, in the field and office.

H&S compliance is one of the critical performance metrics that ATI measures on every project. Field personnel are briefed daily on site-specific aspects of safety. ATI’s Field Team Leaders will monitor the safety of all site activities, conduct safety audits, and implement the Health and Safety Plan in the field and under supervision of the Project Manager. It is ATI’s policy that all personnel have the authority to stop work at any time if an unsafe operation and/or procedure is observed.

ATI will conduct site-specific employee training prior to the start of field activities. This training will be supplemented as necessary throughout the remainder of every project.

Safety Rating Less than National Average:

  • EMR < 1
  • 7 YR DART = 0
  • 7 YR TRRI = 0


ATI understands unforeseen problems can arise at any time on a contract. ATI practices quality control and in so doing, is able to recognize issues before they become problems. ATI’s approach to resolving problems is to take corrective action immediately, ensuring that they are not repeated. The quality approach involves:

Be Proactive by collaborating with clients to set quality standards;

Create operational processes to deliver quality and establish strong communication protocols to be accountable for resolving problems if they arise;

Perform QA/QC on all deliverables to client;

Solicit feedback from clients and in response provide additional technical support and improvements to certify successful completion of the project.


ATI is always committed to protecting the natural environment. ATI holds a responsibility to our clients, the communities we live and work in, and the world we all share.

With that in mind, ATI ensures that internal practices, as well as services provided, adhere to a high standard of sustainability. To do this ATI selects fuel efficient fleet vehicles, mandates recycling and the use of energy/water efficient fixtures at our offices.  Additionally, ATI is well recognized for designing LEED-certified buildings.

    • Nearly 50% of ATI’s fleet are fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles.
    • ATI has designed 10 buildings that are LEED certified to date.